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Real people with real smiles!

Patient with spacing issues and wanted lighter teeth. Beautiful result!

After Treatment Care:

Your beautiful new smile needs to be maintained just as your natural tooth smile. Regular checkups and a daily routine goes a long way to keeping your smile beautiful. As with natural teeth, avoid chewing hard foods such as ice. If you grind your teeth or think you may grind your teeth, ask us about a night guard to help protect your investment. 

Smile Makeover can help with:

Changing tooth color

Changing tooth shape and alignment

Fill gaps from missing teeth

Face/lip  shape

Want an easy yet dramatic enhancement to your overall look. Most makeovers take only one appointment. Why have a face lift when a new smile can make such a big difference in your look. 

Generally you would want any oral health issues treated before your Smile Makeover. We want you to have a beautiful AND healthy smile. 


Young woman with "gummy" smile and short teeth.  Used a Smile lift and Veneers to give her a full, beautiful smile. 

Patient with discoloration and uneven edges. Treated 3 teeth with crowns and veneers to give her a seem-less smile.

Before           After

Before           After

How would you feel about turning back the hands of time in one day?  Anti-aging Dentistry is here for our patients. Would you like to have your youthful smile back?

Your smile can make a huge difference, not only with your self esteem and confidence, but also  with that youthful glow. Your teeth can add support to your lips which give you a fuller, more beautiful lip line.

Your smile is the first thing most people  notice about you. Over time, teeth darken, shift, Chip and wear. While this can add character to your smile, it can also cause unwanted side effects, like sharp edges, shortened and squared off teeth with crowding or gaps. 

Smile Makeovers aren't all about giving you that "Hollywood" smile, unless that's what you want. A smile makeover can help give you that "natural", "youthful" smile you lost somewhere along the way. We want you to have a natural "you" smile. 

Smile Makeover

All photos on this page are actual patients of Dr. Warwick