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Insurance Plan

$20,000 Cosmetic Case

$1500 max

Not covered

you pay $20,000 

Everyone qualifies!

No deductibles, No maximums, No waiting and No restrictions! EVER!

What is it and who qualifies?

20% OFF


     1 Year Adult $299

     Children (18 and under) = $200

Important Info on Plan:  

    *12 month plan renewable each year on the same day with no contracts

    * Receive your discounts at time of appointment booking with payment in full

    * Maximum benefit 20% off all treatment

    * Available to those with or without dental insurance 

     *Refunds not available after any service rendered

    * If using outside funding (CareCredit) discount drops from 20% to 15% 


No Dental Insurance? We've got you covered!

Plan Details

No Waiting Period

No Yearly Max

All Cosmetics Covered

No Missing Tooth Clause

No costly Premiums

  • 2 Regular Cleanings per year
  • Yearly Exam
  • 7 Cavity Detecting xrays
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Fluoride Treatment
  • Emergency Office Visit

3-6 mth. waiting period

$1000-2000 Yearly Max

No Cosmetics Covered

Missing Tooth Clause

Costly Premiums

Examples of Benefits

    Platinum Plan                    vs                     Dental Insurance

This is an in office plan that allows you to benefit without the hassle of deductibles and waiting for your insurance reimbursement. No limits on your yearly benefits either. Your discounts are unlimited. 

Sample Treatment Plan Comparison

All Cosmetic Treatment 


Crowns & Bridges


Additional Regular Cleanings

Periodontal Care (Deep Cleaning)

Restorative (Fillings)


Root Canals

Partials & Dentures

20% off everything!

Platinum Dental Plan

Platinum Plan

$20,000 Cosmetic Case

No Max

20% off total

you pay $16,000